Hindu New Year 2023 Date: Nav Varsh (Nababarsha) , Wishes, Muhurat, and Rituals?

Hindu New Year 2023
Hindu New Year 2023


The English New Year is celebrated all over the world on 1st of January but the Hindu Nav Varsh 2023 date is different. This year the Hindu New Year 2023 date falls on 22nd March as this day also marks the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Paksha.

Hindu Nav Varsh 2023 Date

The Hindu New Year either falls on March or April every year. In every country and Indian states the New Year date differs. Even the date varies in many Indian states and communities as well. The Hindu New Varsh Day is considered to be very auspicious. In Hindus, it is believed that on this very day Lord Brahma created the universe. That’s the reason people worship Lord Brahma as well as other Gods and their creations like birds, trees, rivers, etc.

Hindu New Year – Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi, Navreh, Poila Baishakh, 2023 Date

The Hindu New year is celebrated in majority parts of India but is known by different names. The Maharashtra New Year is popularly known as Gudi Padwa and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

In Andhara Pradesh and Karnataka New Year is popular by the name Ugadi. The Ugadi 2023 will be celebrated on 22nd March. The rituals start with oil bathing and followed with prayers. Oil bathing and eating neem leaves is considered good.

In Punjab the New Year is famous by the name Baisakhi. The Baisakhi 2023 date is 14th April. This day is also important for farmers as it marks the time for harvesting crops.

The Kashmiri Hindus celebrate this day as Navreh. The Navreh 2023 date is 22nd March.

In the region of West Bengal the Hindu New Year is popular as Poila Baisakh. The Poila Baisakh 2023 date is 15th April.

Hindu New Year Wishes 2023

Welcome New Year with lots of Love, Happiness and Strength.

May This New Year Brings Lots Of Prosperity, Love, and Good Health to you. Happy Hindu New Year 2023.

Wishing You another New Year of Joy, Happiness, Wealth, and Enthusiasm, May God bless you with the best in everything!!

Forget the past and enjoy the new joy and experience of 2023. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Hindu New Year 2023.

May your life fill with lots of love and positivity on this Indian New Year.

Hindu Nav Varsh ki Shubhkamnaye in Hindi

Naye Patte Aate Hai, Vraksh Khushi Se Jhoom Jate Hai

Aise Mausam Mein He Toh Naya Agaz Hota Hai

Hum Yuhi He Nav Varsh Nahi Manate

Hindu Dharam Mein Nav Varsh Prakritik Badlav Se Aate Hain

Hindu Naya Saal 2023 Mubarak Ho!!