Gujarat Elections- BJP Win Predicted

The elections in Gujarat are now over and people are awaiting the results. The exit polls predict BJP winning in the state echoing the sentiments of the BJP.

The turnout in the second and final phase of the elections was less than it had been in 2017. The first polls voting too was less than the last time.

Yamal Vyas, the chief spokesperson of BJP in Gujarat says that the exit polls were reflecting the sentiments and love of people of Gujarat for PM Narendra Modi. He claims that AAP would not see a single seat in the state.

BJP has been power in the state for the last 27 years and as per the BJP Chief CR Patil, BJP was fighting elections in Gujarat to create a record.

The General Secretary of BJP, Pratap Singh Baghela, has thanked the people of Gujarat for showing their love for PM Modi.

AAP that contested in 181 out of 182 seats says that since it is a new party in Gujarat, getting 15-20% votes would be an achievement for them. The exit polls predict the Congress to get 16-30 seats. The other parties like NLP, IND and others might get 2-6 seats and BJP, of course, will get 121-150 seats.

All TV channels predict a thumping victory for BJP.