Jio Outage Affects Users Across India

Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and many other cities were affected by the Jio outage. Jio services went down for many users.

Many of the users of Jio services reported on the social media that they were unable to make calls or send messages. But for some users, the mobile data services worked normally and only calling and SMS were affected.

Jio stopped working for many users between 6 and 9 am said the website that tracks outages. It said that 37% of the users did not get any signals, another 37% were unable to make calls or send messages while the rest 26% were unable to access the mobile internet.

Although Jio has not commented upon anything, a few people are saying that if normal calls are having an issue, then how does Jio plan to provide 5G services.