Twitter Introduces Square Badges and Grey Ticks

Earlier this month, twitter announced Twitter grey badge which helps identify government officials. It is now in use and PM Narendra Modi, Piyush Goyal and Amit Shah have got it on their Twitter accounts.

Now, Twitter has announced rolling out of Twitter Blue for Business. This is designed for businesses but its eligibility details and pricing are unclear. Through Twitter Blue for Business, a subscriber or company can link any number of their affiliated accounts and then they will get a small badge of their parent company’s profile picture next to the blue or gold checkmark.

The profile picture of the company will be displayed in a square box and the employees will get a tiny version of the profile picture on their account. If viewer will click on the box, Twitter will redirect the user to the company’s handle.

The new badge will make it easier for users to understand the nature of account. Meanwhile, Twitter continues to experiment with new features. What is interesting though is that Elon musk who purchased Twitter some time back has no badge in his profile. He ran a poll asking whether he should continue to head the company or not.

It is said that badges are available only with Twitter Blue subscription but it is unclear whether the government officials and spokespersons are required to buy a plan to get or retain their badges.