Twitter to Start Active Hiring and Ends Lay-offs

Twitter Starts Hiring and Ends Lay-offs
Twitter Starts Hiring and Ends Lay-offs

Following the recent termination of nearly two-thirds of its 7,500-person workforce, Twitter is apparently preparing to resume hiring. In the first week after Elon Musk officially acquired control of the business in late October, the first round of layoffs occurred. Subsequently, more employees were let go in the ensuing weeks.

Up until last week, when Musk gave the remaining workers an ultimatum to follow the new, more stringent work guidelines or quit. Almost 1,000 Twitter employees resigned together as a result of this.

Elon Musk has asked employees to work on referrals to hire new ones in engineering and sales roles. The Twitter head also denied the shifting of company headquarters from San Francisco to Texas. According to reports Musk acknowledges that the reorganisation of Twitter would involve lots of mistakes but the company would stabilise with time.

At the moment, Twitter employs about 2,700 people, down from over 7,500 in September 2022.