Tragedy Strikes in Mohali


On Sunday evening, eight feet spinning wheel, joy ride tilted slightly and fell down with full force at the Dussehra Ground Phase 8 in Mohali at about 9 PM.

At least, 10 people, including women and children were injured and sustained neck and head injuries.

A lot of fairs are held in the Tricity these days and the operators shift their base according to their needs. At it was the weekend, there was a lot of rush at the Dussehra Ground.

This particular joy ride was owned by Mukesh Sharma of Jaipur. People around say that there were not enough safety measures. There were no ambulances at the spot. PCR vans took the victims to Phase 6 Civil Hospital and five people were admitted to Phase 9 Civil Hospital.

Amit Talwar, the DC of Mohali says that they are looking into the matter and will take an action against the culprits.

The orthopaedics and radiologists examining the patients said that there was no open injury. The management of the fair has been called to record statements after which an action will be taken.