Face Off Yet Again Between BJP and AAP

BJP and AAP are again at loggerheads. The AAP has accused Lt. Governor of Delhi of corruption. AAP MLA Durgesh Pathak has stated that the Lt. Governor executed the Khadi scam in 2016 and this revolved around the demonetisation decision of the BJP.

At that time, Lt. Governor Saxena was the chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) and his corruption case was of 1400 crore rupees. AAP MLAs are asking for Saxena’s resignation.

An overnight protest is also being held by AAP for the same wherein the MLAs will sit under Gandhi’s statue in the assembly. A number of MLAs are also supposedly going to the CBI for a complaint against Saxena.

Although always anti each other, the matters reached new heights when Manish Sisodia asked the LG to behave like a Lt. Governor. The Delhi LGs’ office had returned 45 files to Arvind Kejriwal saying that these were not signed. It was in retaliation that Sisodia commented upon the LG’s behaviour.