The Internet Comes to Rescue of a Delivery Boy

Rahul Mittal filmed a video is a teenager boy after he delivered food to his house in New Delhi. They boy was forced to work as a delivery boy after his father met with an accident. The video went viral on Twitter after Mittal put down the boy as aged 7 years but he is actually 14 years old as confirmed by Zomato.

The boy said that he worked from 6 PM to 11 PM daily and bicycled to deliver food. Many people have praised the body for trying to help his family financially while others have called it child labour.

Zomato has acknowledged the “multi-fold violation” in this video, but not limited to child-labour and misrepresentation. Zomato said that they were thankful to the internet community for bringing this to their notice.

The boy’s father has had an accident before working as a delivery driver for Zomato; still the company had volunteered to fund the boy’s education through its Future Foundation. The company has explained to the family and are not taking any action against them considering their situation.

On humanitarian grounds, and as an exception, the company has extended whatever support possible to the boy and his family.