6 Trending Urfi Javed OTT Outfits Choices : Latest Dress Pics Inside

Urfi Javed OTT Outfits Choices
Urfi Javed OTT Outfits Choices


Urfi Javed started to rise to fame with her unique outfit choices. People may love her or hate her but certainly can’t ignore her. Urfi Javed latest dresses are so innovative and designed in a unique way that it raises the bar every time.

Urfi Javed Instagram Most Liked Pictures

Her unique fashion sense was displayed for the very first time when she wore a garbage bag dress on Big Boss OTT. Ever since then there is no looking back for her, she have experimented fashion with wires, rope, blades, stones, sack, etc. Here we have presented some of her most liked pics on her Insta handle ‘Uorfi’, have a look:

1.Urfi Javed Watch Skirt

Who on the Earth can think or wearing a watch skirt? That’s what makes Urfi a very innovative fashion mind. See how beautifully she has carried the skirt with a basic tee and rock the look.

2.Urfi Javed Flowers on Body Instagram Pic

She again left the people speechless with her unique transparent dress with different colours flower stick on it.

3.Multicolour Stone Dress

Ever since she has started going public with her hatke fashion choices, she has faced a lot of trolls as well. A troller trolled her with a msg that she should be hit with stones for her outfit preferences; she gave it back to the trollers and presented Urfi Javed Stone Dress.

4.Urfi Javed Mosquito Coil Bralette

This one was trolled a lot as netizens called the pink bralette a mosquito coil but does Uorfi give a damn? The more you troll her; she makes a fierce comeback with her strong fashion outfit.

5.Wire Dress of Urfi Javed

For her fashion is all about experimenting and creating something that can be called as a statement dress. She tried this blue colour wire dress which created the fashion tsunami across the globe. She also said that she would love to try similar dress with other colour wires as well.

6.Nail Dress

Imagine a dress make of nails? Beyond your imagination, right? Well, where our imagination ends, Uorfi’s creative mind speaks, check out this lover Urfi Javed latest dress made from nails.