Who is MC Stan, His Boba / Girlfriend, History, Net Worth, Big Boss 16 Winner Salary – Get All the Details Here

Who is MC Stan
Who is MC Stan

MC Stan real name is Altaf Tadavi. He is an Indian rapper, lyricist, music composer & producer. He raised to fame as his song “Wata” got over 9 million views on Youtube. His official Youtube channel has more than 6.50 million subscribers.


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MC Stan History

MC Stan comes from a very poor financial background. He and his family used to live in slums. But he always had a zest for rapping. Initially he never got his family’s support in his passion but he never left the hope.

MC Stan brother introduced him to rapping when he would have been just 9-10 years old. He also learnt B-boying and beatboxing before professionally entering into the world of rap.
He gained popularity with his song ‘Khuja Mat’ in 2019 as it went viral on Youtube with millions of views.

How MC Stan is Rich

MC Stan is very rich now as he charges around Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000 for one show. But he has achieved everything with his hard work.

He is a self-made man and feels proud in flaunting his one lakh rupees shoes or his crore rupees neckpieces. He is just 23 years old but is ruling the world with his hit rap songs.

Who Is MC Stan Boba / Girlfriend

Much has been talked about MC Stan’s Boba in the Big Boss 16 house. Let’s bring an end to this suspense here. Anam Sheikh MC Stan Buba girlfriend is an Indian rapper and is 24 years old.

Where MC Stan Lives

MC Stan Big Boss winner is basically from Pune, Maharastra. He was born and bought up in the neighbourhood of Tadiwala Road, Pune. He has studied till class 12th. MC Stan father is a policeman in Maharastra police department.

MC Stan Net Worth

As per TOI reports, his net worth is around 15 to 20 crores.

As per Zee News, during November and December he charges Rs.25 lakh for each show.

Each of his Youtube channels has millions of view, As per India TV, he make more than 1 lakh per month from Youtube. He makes majority of his money through Social media platform like Instagram.

MC Stan Bigg Boss Salary

As per Siasat, he was paid Rs.7 Lakh per week for his stay in Big Boss 16 house. He spent almost 18 weeks which make it Rs. 1 crore and 26 lakh before taxes. Additionally he won the show ad took away the trophy and Rs. 31 lakh 80 thousand prize money along with him.