Hardik Pandya- A Promising Player for World Cup

Hardik Pandya is one player of Team India who shines on an off the field. The promising cricketer turns 29 today. Being an all-rounder, Hardik Pandya is a reliable player.

Returning to the team after his injury, Hardik has proved his mettle always. The year 2022 has been a dream year for him as he seems to be doing nothing wrong.

After proving himself while playing for Mumbai, Hardik Pandya tool hold of the helm for Gujarat Giants and proved his critics wrong when they questioned his capability as captain. Under his guidance, the team became champion and stood tall in front of big teams like Chennai Superkings and Mumbai Indians.

He has carried out his excellent performance in international cricket while playing first against South Africa in India and then in Asia Cup.

In T20 World Cup, everyone is hoping to win.

In the form that Pandya is not on, he might get wickets and also score runs for the team. He might just be the ace for Team India. Being the x-factor in the team may also fulfil his dream of getting the World Cup home.

As of now, Hardik Pandya has all qualities of a modern cricketer- he is stylish, creative and aggressive.