Global Hackathon Concludes

Using cutting-edge gamification and AI capabilities, ICode a major global organisation that develops and offers assessment, benchmarking, and certification platforms to students, education systems, school systems, and governments throughout the world. The ICode Global Hackathon, the largest coding competition in the world for children, is organised by it.

On December 10, the sixth edition of the ICode Global Hackathon came to an end with the participation of 800 finalists from over 16 nations. The ICode Global Hackathon, which began with more than 2 million participants from more than 72 countries, has once again established itself as the biggest coding contest in the world for kids in grades 6 through 16.

The 2022 version of the hackathon began with local-level competitions spanning 72+ nations. It was created as a gamified, multi-level event. At each level, the top 10% of competitors advanced to the national and subsequently regional finals.

800 of the brightest young programmers in the world competed in this year’s final for the coveted title of ICode Global Hackathon champions. From industrialised nations like the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Singapore to growing economies like India, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt, Myanmar, and others, the list of countries covered a wide range of economic situations. With 14 students attending from Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria, the African continent was also well-represented.

India sent 98 finalists to the global finals. In the global finals of the ICode Global Hackathon 2022, students from Indus International Pune, DPS Bangalore, Bolton School, GD Goenka, New Delhi, Inventure Academy, Shishugriha Bangalore, and many other schools represented India. Additionally, students from Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns did well in the competition.