8 Mango Recipes That You Must Try This Summer : Drinks, Desserts, Chutneys, Pickle, and So Much More…

Best 8 Mango Recipes
Best 8 Mango Recipes


The best thing about Summers in India is the Mangoes that comes along with the season. Everyone loves to relish both ripe and raw mangoes. This is such a versatile fruit that one can make almost endless food items with it. In this blog post we have shared 10 mango recipes for a refreshing summer, do try these and thank us later.

4 Refreshing Raw Mango Recipes

Before moving forward with the ripe mango recipes, here we have listed down some amazing raw mango refreshing drinks, dals, and pickles that you can make.

1. Red Lentil and Raw Mango Curry

Lentils are commonly consumed and enjoyed in every Indian household. You can give the red lentils a tangy flavour by adding raw mangoes into it and relish it in summers.
1. In a pressure cooker, add some oil, then add finely chopped garlic, ginger and onion
2. Then add in all the Indian masalas like turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt
3. Add lentils and diced raw mango, and put the lid on
4. Let it pressure took for 6-7 whistles
5. Your raw mango and red lentil curry is ready, enjoy it with white rice.

2. Aam Panna

This is not just a refreshing summer drink but it also keeps you hydrated for a longer period of time. Aam panna is a desi summer refreshing drink and thousand times better that those aerated bottled drinks.
1. Add few mangoes in a pressure cook and put them to boil.
2. One boiled, let it cool down and then take off the outer layer
3. Strain the raw mango pulp
4. Take a blender and add the mango pulp, sugar if needed, black salt, and roasted cumin powder, blend all this and make a concentrate.
5. You can store this concentrate and add 2 tbsp of it in a glass and add water to make a cool aam panna drink.

3. Raw Mango Salsa for Summers

If you love Mexican salsa then you can try this Indian version as well wherein the tangy raw mango will do the wonders.
1. Chop some raw mangoes, onions, and tomatoes
2. Add some lime juice, chopped coriander leaves, and salt in the above mixture and mix them all well
3. You can have this salsa with tortilla chips or papad as well.

4. Raw Mango Sweet and Sour Chutney

This sweet and sour raw mango chutney goes well with anything and everything. This chutney can be a perfect companion for paranthas, idlis, breads, puris, and you will love it very much.
1. Cut the raw mango in long thin slices
2. Add a little oil in the pan and add a few seeds like mustard, sauf, onion, fenugreek, cumin
3. After 1 minute add the diced raw mangoes
4. Then add turmeric powder, salt and red chilly powder
5. Sauté it for 1 minute
6. Add half a cup of water and put on the lid and let the raw mangoes soften, it will take around 5-7 minutes
7. Once the raw mango is soften open the lid and add jaggery powder and mix it will
8. Cook till the consistency become thick and then turn off the gas.
9. The chutney is ready to serve.

4 Delicious Ripe Mango Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

Mango is the king of all the fruits and that’s the reason why everyone from kids to elders, love having it. Here are some tasty ripe mango recipes that you can make this summer.

1. Mango Shikanji

Shikanji is loved during summers and it instantly refreshes your body. Adding a bit of mango will give a sweet and sour taste to the shikanji.
1. Take a big jug and add chilled water, roasted cumin powder, black salt, black pepper powder, chaat masala powder, and lemon juice
2. Then add mango pulp, stir well
3. Enjoy the drink in glass

2. Mango Lassi

India is known for its delicious mango lassi but do you know that its quite easy to make this creamy refreshing drink at home as well.
1. Add cut ripe mangoes, one cup yogurt, half cup of milk, ice cubes and sugar as per your taste in a blender
2. Blend it well and enjoy you thick and creamy mango lassi that is famous worldwide.

3. Mango Ice Tea

Who doesn’t love to have a sip of ice tea during summers but what if we tell you that you can add a hint of mangoes and make mango ice tea? Sounds interesting, isn’t it?
1. In a pan, add diced mangoes, water and sugar
2. Cook till everything gets mashed up
3. Strain the mixture with a help of a strainer
4. Take another pan add 5 to 6 cups of water and add 10 black or green tea bags depending on your choice. Let it boil
5. Allow it to cool down
6. In a glass add 3 tbsp of the mango syrup and pour tea, stir and enjoy your mango ice tea.

4. Mango Vermicelli Kheer/ Pudding

Bored of normal kheer? Then try out this tasty mango vermicelli kheer this summer
1. Roast the vermicelli in ghee then add full cream milk into and let it boil nicely till the vermicelli softens and cook properly
2. Add sugar as per your taste
3. Let it cool down and then add mango pulp and mix properly
4. Refrigerate it and serve it cool.