How to Style Saree in Winter: The Latest Bollywood Style!!

How to Dress Bollywood Style Saree
How to Dress Bollywood Style Saree


Saree is such a versatile outfit that it can be worn for any occasion, be it casual, official, festive or party. If you are a geek in fashion then you can take some winter saree styling tips from Bollywood actress or the top Instagram fashion influencers.
Here we have shared a few Bollywood winter saree look that you can take inspiration from!!

Carrying a Matching Dupatta or a Shawl

Who said that shawl fashion is a passé? Sonam Kapoor is a style diva and she exactly knows how to rock winter saree look with a shawl. Watch out how beautifully actress has decked her saree with a shawl for a wedding.

Full Sleeves Blouse

Women look for winter style saree but truth to be told there is no one as such. There are ways in which one can style a sari and make them winter appropriate. If you check out Bollywood winter saree look then most of the celebs prefer wearing full sleeves blouse. Check out how Kareena Kapoor and Kangana have styled their sari with full sleeves blouses.

Silk Sarees

To prevent from cold waves, one can also opt for saris having winter appropriate fabric. One such is silk and the best part is silk saris are evergreen in fashion. You can get inspired by Madhuri Dixit and Kangana Ranaut for winter saree styling.

Layer It Up with a Blazer

Saree with blazer is the best outfit that you can opt. It looks classy and also serves the purpose of saving oneself from cold waves. Confused about the look?? Well, here take some inspiration from Shilpa Shetty.

Velvet Fashion

This fabric is back in fashion. Be it a western dress, a salwar kameez, kurti, or a sari, everywhere you can see velvet being back in fashion. Velvet is a winter friendly fabric and hence you can opt for this style also.
These are some of the actress in winter saree look. You can get highly inspired by these celebs and follow the same as well.