Know Everything about an Indian Saree Blouse: What is a Blouse, How to Make or Stitch it, Different Blouse Designs, Etc.

Indian Saree Blouse What is Blouse, How to Make or Stitch it, Different Blouse Designs
Indian Saree Blouse What is Blouse, How to Make or Stitch it, Different Blouse Designs


In Indian fashion, a saree is one of the most elegant and timeless garments. It consists of a long piece of fabric wrapped around the body, but what truly enhances the beauty of a saree is the blouse. Let’s explore everything there is to know about an Indian saree blouse, including its definition, how to make or stitch it, different blouse designs, and much more.

What is a Blouse?

A blouse is a tailored top worn by women as part of their traditional Indian attire. It is typically made from matching or contrasting fabric to the saree and is designed to fit the upper body snugly. Blouses come in various designs, patterns, and embellishments, allowing women to express their personal style and enhance the beauty of their saree.

How to Make a Blouse?

Making a blouse requires skill and precision, but with the right guidance, it can be a fulfilling DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a blouse:

1. Select the fabric: Choose a fabric that complements your saree. Common options include silk, cotton, chiffon, and brocade.

2. Take measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for a well-fitting blouse. Use a measuring tape to determine your bust, waist, and shoulder measurements.

3. Cut the fabric: Use a blouse pattern or create your own by referring to a blouse design book. Cut the fabric according to the pattern, making sure to account for seam allowances.

4. Stitch the pieces: Pin the fabric pieces together and sew along the marked lines. Leave openings for sleeves, neck, and back as per the chosen design.

5. Add finishing touches: Hem the edges, attach hooks or buttons for closure, and sew in the sleeves.

6. Try it on: Once the stitching is complete, try on the blouse to ensure the fit is comfortable and flattering.

How to Measure Blouse Size?

To ensure a well-fitting blouse, it’s essential to take accurate measurements. Here’s how:

1. Bust measurement: Make sure the measuring is wrapped around the fullest region of your bust and is parallel to the ground.

2. Waist measurement: Measure the narrowest part of your waist, usually an inch or two above your belly button.

3. Shoulder measurement: Measure the width of your shoulders from one end to the other.

4. Sleeve length: Measure the length from your shoulder to the desired sleeve length, such as full sleeves, half sleeves, or sleeveless.

How to Wear a Blouse?

Wearing a blouse properly can elevate your overall saree look. Follow these steps to wear a blouse:

1. Put your arms through the sleeves and ensure the blouse is oriented correctly.

2. Fasten the hooks or buttons at the back of the blouse, ensuring a snug fit.

3. Adjust the blouse to ensure the neckline sits comfortably on your collarbone.

4. Make sure the blouse is properly tucked into the saree petticoat, and the saree is draped evenly around your body.

What is a Running Blouse?

A running blouse is a traditional style blouse that has a simple design and is typically made from the same fabric as the saree. It is characterized by a plain or slightly embellished pattern, allowing the focus to remain on the saree itself.

What is a Contrast Blouse?

A contrast blouse, as the name suggests, is designed to create a striking contrast with the saree. It is made from a different fabric or color than the saree, intentionally chosen to add a bold and vibrant element to the overall outfit.

Different Types of Blouse Designs

The blouse designs mentioned below offer a glimpse into the wide array of options available:

1. Boat Neck Blouse: This design features a wide, curved neckline that resembles the shape of a boat. It adds a touch of elegance and suits women with slender necks.

2. Backless Blouse: As the name suggests, this blouse design showcases an open back, adding a sensuous and glamorous element to the saree ensemble.

3. Princess Cut Blouse: The princess cut blouse features well-defined seams that create a fitted look. It enhances the body’s natural curves and provides a flattering silhouette.

4. Hand Embroidered Blouse: Hand embroidery is a traditional art form in India, and a hand-embroidered blouse showcases intricate and beautiful designs created with skilled craftsmanship.

5. Designer Blouses: Designer blouses are crafted with unique patterns, unconventional cuts, and innovative embellishments.

6. Knotted Blouse: This trendy blouse design features a knot or tie-up detail at the front or back, adding a modern twist to the traditional attire.

7. Corset Blouse: Inspired by corsets, this blouse design cinches the waist and provides a structured and fitted look. It exudes a regal charm and is often adorned with embellishments.

8. Stone Work Blouse: Blouses embellished with stones or crystals create a dazzling effect. Stone work blouses are ideal for parties and festive occasions.

9. Chinese Collar Blouse: This blouse design features a high, round collar that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the saree ensemble. It pairs well with both traditional and contemporary sarees.

The blouse is an essential component of the Indian saree ensemble, elevating its beauty and adding a touch of style. With numerous designs to choose from and the option to customize, every woman can find a blouse that reflects her personal taste and enhances her saree look.