University Grants Commission (UGC) against Digital University of Skill Resurgence

The UGC has publicly warned students not to seek admissions in the Digital University of Skill resurgence (A Virtual Meta University) located at 54, Samrat Nagar, Near Hindi University, Ring Road, Wardha, Maharashtra. The UGC has stated that the courses offered by the university in question are in violation of the UGC Act of 1956.

In India, in line with Section 22 of the UGC Act, degrees can be awarded to students only by universities that have been established or incorporated under a central, provincial or state act or else recognised as a university under Section 3 of the UGC Act of 1956. In addition, parliament empowered universities can also award degrees to students.

The Digital University of Skill Resurgence is not a recognized university under any of the acts as stated above. Additionally, it is not even a parliament empowered university. Further, an educational institution cannot use the term university unless it is established under a central act or provincial or state act.

Such self-styled institutions as per the UGC are not fit places for students as these do not add value to the knowledge or growth of the students and are rather harmful for the career of students.