SugarBox Networks-Furthering Digital First Brands

SugarBox Networks
SugarBox Networks

The advancement in technology has had a huge impact on the consumer market and has revolutionised the way consumers shop. Online shopping has become commonplace and perhaps, the most popular mode of shopping in the digital commerce era. With ecommerce, it has become possible for any firm or individual to conduct business on a global level.

Digital first brands or brands that make use of only ecommerce to sell their products need to penetrate newer markets and expand their customer base with the basic aim of sustaining the ever-growing competition. These brands need to offer a seamless experience to the consumers so that the consumers are satisfied are return to the brand. Ecommerce brands cannot afford to have connectivity issues or any glitches as these make them lose customers.

SugarBox Networks, a Made in India Technology is helping ecommerce brands overcome such issues and offer a reliable and stable network to the ecommerce consumers. This technology enables ecommerce brands to enter new markets and expand their operations and customers. SugarBox Networks is in fact the first hyperlocal edge cloud technology that allows digital connectivity anytime and anywhere.

With SugarBox Networks, consumers no longer need to depend on connected networks and can access digital apps and platforms even in a remote location. The consumers can easily download, transact and access digital content in a sustainable manner using this technology.

SugarBox Networks is already working with brands like Giva, Mulmul, Leaf Studies, Praakritik, Man Matters and more and aims to extend it services and operations to several others. SugarBox installs Edge Servers at locations where digital users are present and most likely to access digital content. The technology has already been successfully implemented across Hyderabad and Chennai Metro Rail and offers in-transit connectivity. In addition, the technology has been deployed in over 40 gram panchayats in the states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.