No ad-hoc teachers to fill the 6500 vacant posts in central universities

The Ministry of Education in its brief to the Parliament put light to the fact that almost 6500 posts were vacant in the central universities and most of these in Delhi University.
Of the 6549 vacant posts in central universities, 988 are SC positions, 576 posts are for ST, and for OBCs, this number if 1761.

However, despite of the vacant posts and repeated requests to absorb ad-hoc teachers into the teaching posts by the central universities as well as the Ministry of Education, the Universities Grant Commission (UGC) is not considering granting these posts to ad-hoc teachers.

According to the data presented, Delhi University has 900 vacant teaching posts. Theoretically, these vacant posts in Delhi University can be filled by the 1044 teachers employed on contract basis, 248 guest teachers and 52 teachers on ad-hoc.
In Delhi University, of the 900 vacant posts, 138 posts are for SC, 70 posts are for ST and 24 are for OBC.

Delhi University is followed by the University of Allahabad (662), Banaras Hindu University (532), Aligarh University (498), and Jawaharlal Nehru University (326) in terms of vacant teacher posts.

Since August 2021, the advertisement to fill around 4807 vacant posts in the central universities and the process is till on.