Embassy Connect with 14 Countries-Organized by SRM University-AP


More than 14 countries’ ambassadors, cultural attaches, education attaches and deputy and joint secretaries of different regions from the Ministry of External Affairs participated in a recent Embassy Connect Programme held by the office of International Relations and Higher Studies at SRM University-AP.
The Embassy Connect was facilitated by Dr. Naga Swetha Pasupuleti who is the Associate Director of Office of International Relations and Higher Studies at the SRM University-AP. The main aim of the interaction was to build a bridge between all the participating countries and India by encouraging and providing premium higher education programs to all geographies.
Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Deputy Secretary for States from MEA greeted people who were part of the gathering. He focused his debate on the initiatives taken by the Indian government in the field of global higher education requirements and also emphasized how SRM University-AP is playing a key role in fulfilling those needs. Education Attache of Indonesia communicated his deep interest in joining hands with SRM University for joint research, collaborations, and exchange programs. An academic attaché from Libya also shared his thoughts and said that India and Libya have always shared similar interests in the field of Education, Health Care, and Construction. He also further added that India is one of the most reputed destinations for education.
Mr. Sevala Naik, Joint Secretary of West Africa also shared that SRM University is only among one of the few educational institutes granted by India to provide and support the digital educational needs of the African Countries. He also said that with these initiatives, already more than 400 students have been registered to SRM University-AP from African countries. He highlighted many-a-times that Indian education is one of the best in the world and also economical at the same time. He also said that India is joining the gaps between the nations through education and knowledge transfer and the contribution of SRM University-AP is highly appreciated in this regard. Dr. Naga Swetha talked about the different initiatives and scholarships being granted to the African, SAARC, and other countries by the SRM University-AP, stressing SRM University-AP’s vision to deliver world-class education to every deserving candidate despite caste/region/creed difference.